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In my last post I talked about the trench life and this week I found one! There's a bit of everything I'm loving at the moment in this look: trenches, khaki, caged heels and body chains. Though this look in general is a bit of a uniform for me- I've been wearing these Cotton On jeans for over two years! I love the movement and draping of this khaki number from Glassons,and the wide-sleeves make layering and cuffing a breeze- pretty handy for $50! 

In other exciting news for the week (well, for me anyway!) I bagged a new bag.I'm happy to pick a classic style and use it exclusively for months, partly because I'm too lazy to transfer all my bits and bobs between bags but also because I'm more of a shoe gal and I'd rather save my pennies for that. I came across the NEXT brand on my first trip to London 5 years ago and bought a pair of shoes that were forever getting complimented. Since then I've kept an eye on their styles and they sure know how to do an accessory. Little wonder my new go-to bag was a NEXT creation then!

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Photography: Paul Lui





Guys, the day I've been waiting for since Winter kicked off 3 cold, dark months ago has finally arrived. Hello Spring *waving hand emoji*! It's been a long winter. I lost a bit of inspiration for blog shoots and it didn't help that I lost my photographer/boyfie to Europe for a bit too! But the bout of sunny days we've been having, the promise of brighter days to come and the return of the boyfie had us out and about for some long awaited shooting over the weekend.

So today we're talking trans-seasonal! That in between period where you're still rugging up to head out the door of a morning but regretting life when you're sweating buckets in that afternoon lecture/meeting/commute. Of course layering is key to comfort from the aforementioned bucket sweating but with the promise of spring and summer in the air we want to set apart from our winter looks too, no? So here are some things I do to freshen up my look while striking that comfort balance around this time of year:

SWAP: Heavy Coat FOR: Trench/ boyfriend blazer/ vest

I usually prefer trench coats and blazers anyway as they are easier to layer under and don't completely swallow up what's underneath like a heavy coat can. Blazers and last seasons summer dresses go hand in hand this time of year (on my outfit hit list).

SWAP: Dark hues FOR: Light hues

I'm loving khaki and beige/neutral hues this season (Bardot have some great pieces on sale atm!) but if you love your monochrome swap in some light grey and white for a lighter look. Though when it comes to accessorizing I tend to always come back to black shoes/handbag- effortlessly pulls a look together! 

SWAP: Jeans FOR: Skirts/ Shorts/ Cigarette pants

So I can't stand to wear jeans around the house and whip those bad boys off as soon as I'm home. Since I can't do this in every house I go to (silly social etiquette!) I take advantage of the slightly warmer weather and opt for midi skirts, shorts and cropped cigarette pants. If you're not ready to get rid of those chunky knits (meeee!) then pair with shorts and ankle boots (another look on my hit list).I tend to feel the cold on my top half more so this works for me but tights under the above is also very cute!

So there are my little tid-bits! Before I sign off I want to give a shout out to this Maison Collective clutch, which was designed specifically for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Nepal. The symbol on the cover reads 'strength' and  100% of sale profits go directly to aid Nepal. The clutch is also big enough to hold a laptop/tablet which is what I'll be using it for- quite versatile for $29.95!

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Photography: Paul Lui



mi casa: T2T x Supa Centa Moore Park

Since buying my own little apartment a few months ago my Instagram stalking has been all about the #interiorinspo. After bagging the essential (read: boring) big ticket items such as bed/couch/fridge it was finally time for the fun bit: turning the house into a home. As luck would have it around the same time Supa Centa Moore Park (SCMP) pitched an awesome collaboration opportunity to showcase my finds in the centers diverse range of stores. Let the shopping begin!

With my trusty photographer/voice of reason in tow we set out to get an idea of what was on offer. The first thing that became clear was: ‘I’m gonna need a bigger house’. It was a bargain hunters dream come true with nearly every store on sale and yes, I simply needed everything! But in light of the ‘no space’ technicality it was back to my trusty list of ‘must haves’ I had compiled before the shop.

First stop was Harvey Norman for some colour palette inspo. My bedroom décor was majority monochrome and I needed a third colour to finish off the look. Seeing hues of teal and blue first in Harvey Norman and then again in Bed, Bath and Table got the creative juices flowing. Finally finding a Moroccan inspired teal lantern at Shack sealed the deal. Bed, Bath and Table also helped out with another ‘must have’: European pillows! I found they were the cheapest here with a range of pillow cases patterns to suit too. I stuck to good old white cases then layered up with black standard size cases from My House. Black cases were part style inspired and part strategic- it’s easier to get any sneaky makeup marks off a black case!

While picking up the bedside lantern at Shack I also made a mental note of some very cute door knobs at very reasonable prices ($8!). I’ve been buying second hand furniture online for some up-cycle DIY projects (watch this space) and so far I’ve only been able to find handles online that are sold in packs of 8 or more. These will definitely come in handy down the track for a dresser I plan to do for the bedroom. Shack also catered to my faux flower needs, while their wall of cushions held an impressive range of textures and colours. Down the back of the store were French provincial inspired bedframes, tables, chairs and clocks- that ‘bigger house’ wish was definitely growing stronger!

A trend I noticed time and again during my walk around the centre was metallics. It seemed every display setup had a hint of gold, silver or copper, and oh did it look good! Since I had already decided my lounge area would be black, white and grey picking up some metallic pieces to finish the look was a no brainer.

We first saw metallics at Top 3 By Design in the form of a water jug and some cocktail making equipment. Top 3 By Design was one of my favourite stores in the centre and could be describes as a big kids play ground. It’s home to innovative, stylish and quality knick knacks and home décor from designers around the world and plenty of pieces ended up on my ‘when I get a bigger house’ wish list. One being the aforementioned water jug and others being very cool rocking whisky glasses by Sagaform and magnetic vase display. Internally melting (no dripping wax) Ester + Erik cone candles are also firmly on the wish list for later. One thing I could bring home with me this time was a S’Well thermal water bottle and it has been by my side ever since. With 24 hour chill and 12 hour heat retaining capability it’s been great to have constantly warm water to sip on during these winter days (especially the mornings!). Oz Design was up next with more inspiration via their show room displays. I picked up a metallic coffee table tray literally off their display (it was the last in stock!) to tie my living room space together with the metallic accents I already had on some sofa cushions at home.

By this point it was break time so we stopped in at Dish Espresso café. Even though it was a Saturday and there were plenty of people around I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed the atmosphere was, especially in the café area. I think this comes down to plenty of spacious and comfortable seating coupled with high windows bringing in natural light. In terms of the café itself a place with all day breakfast always wins my heart and the coffee was top notch too. A couple of cappuccinos later and we were ready to take the second half of the centre which included the twos stores I had high on my list: Freedom and Fantastic Furniture.

Since I’m working with minimal space (sad face) I needed some areas around the apartment to do double duty. I’m a massive book worm and creating a reading nook was a high priority (if you follow me on Instagram the reason I always have the same handbag is because it’s big enough for a book!). And so I picked a curved floor lamp (on sale!) at Freedom to place over a corner of my modular couch. A few cushions and an Adairs throw later my chill out spot was complete. More metallic pieces were found at Freedom in the form of copper tumblers and soap dispenses which polished off the bathroom space- my toothbrush holder has never looked so good! The Ecoya and Palm Beach candle display was heavenly and I couldn’t resist picking up a few, along with some more faux flowers.
Over at Fantastic furniture I picked up a butlers table with more ‘double duty’ in mind. The space I was trying to fill needed something that wouldn’t block or clutter the high traffic area. The slim legs of the table also matches the wall colour to give a lighter look while any furniture that allows the floor space to still be seen (floating bed, raised couch, ghost furniture) will always give the illusion of more space. The tray itself is detachable for when guests come around (any day now…) so all in all pretty handy for $35!

And so with everything thing on my list crossed off, a few more sneaky pieces added in and approximately a weeks worth of cardio done it was home time to arrange my new finds-and of course make another list for my next visit!



Fantastic Furniture:

Bed, Bath and Beyond:
European Pillow Cases

Faux Peonies
Lantern Candle Holder

My House:

S'well Bottle

Coffee Table Tray

Photography: Paul Lui



knit pick.

Once in awhile you need a staycation. I wore this look over the weekend when the boy and I played tourist in our own city and took in the sites while eating our way through Sydney. While Sydney Harbor was dazzeling as usual I especially liked taking a minuet to really look at the beautiful old buildings of the CBD. So many details we miss when bustling past during rush hour!

While it's usually my more 'polished' outfits that end up on the blog I thought I'd post my off duty uniform for a change...I mean, I do wear it 90% of the time! With the cooler weather my go to is a knit, a knit, or a knit. I've got quite the collection going and this Lulu and Rose one from Glue Store is on high rotation.

So in the spirit of all things knit I've rounded up my favorites, but kept them budget friendly of course! Scroll on down for my picks (turn off Ad blockers to view!).

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baby blue.

Bit of a mad rush to get this post out to y'all today. I saw that this Boohoo duster coat was on sale for $60 and didn't know how long it would stay that way! I also saw they're doing an extra 30% off full priced coats, knitwear and shoes (code: bequick) sooooo consider this your FYI ;).

Meanwhile, I'm in love with this coat! The warmth, the colour, the length is all on point in my opinion. Ever since I saw the lovely Chrissy Teigen rock a baby blue dress with dark lip to the Oscars this year I've been all about the pastel and dark. I'm wearing MAC shade 'Diva' here but looking at these pictures now I feel it's a bit too matte for the look I'm going for. Cue adding a glossy dark lippy to the treasure hunt list- comment below if you have any suggestions!

T xo


Boohoo Duster Coat ($60)
Boohoo Distressed Denim ($50)
Boohoo Blouse ($30)
Bardot Heels ($30), similar ($50)

Photography: Paul Lui




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