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baby blue.

Bit of a mad rush to get this post out to y'all today. I saw that this Boohoo duster coat was on sale for $60 and didn't know how long it would stay that way! I also saw they're doing an extra 30% off full priced coats, knitwear and shoes (code: bequick) sooooo consider this your FYI ;).

Meanwhile, I'm in love with this coat! The warmth, the colour, the length is all on point in my opinion. Ever since I saw the lovely Chrissy Teigen rock a baby blue dress with dark lip to the Oscars this year I've been all about the pastel and dark. I'm wearing MAC shade 'Diva' here but looking at these pictures now I feel it's a bit too matte for the look I'm going for. Cue adding a glossy dark lippy to the treasure hunt list- comment below if you have any suggestions!

T xo


Boohoo Duster Coat ($60)
Boohoo Distressed Denim ($50)
Boohoo Blouse ($30)
Bardot Heels ($30), similar ($50)

Photography: Paul Lui



hibiscus: Do's and Don'ts of thrift-ing.

Yes I love chasing down those sales and such but a spot of thrift shopping never goes astray either. 

In fact I picked up this gorgeous Blue Moon dress from the lovely Gary Pepper Girl herself  at the Terrigal Markets a few weeks ago. You bet I wanted to snap up everything she had to offer (the boy may have had to make another trip to the ATM…*cheeky monkey emoji*) but there’re a few do’s and don’ts of thrift shopping that keeps the experience cheap and effective:

     Do some homework: Though you’ve probably already done this! Cuts, colours and fabrics that are currently trending will be all over them fashion blogs/Instagram/Pinterest. Use these sources as inspo to bag and wear a unique bargain find just like the cool kids.

 Do dress the part: Wearing leggings/skinny jeans/anything tight fitting to the markets is a winner.  You’ll get to quickly try on a piece over your outfit without wasting time in a queue for a flimsy looking portable change room. Pro tip: if you know your measurements you could also add a flexible measuring/sewing tape to you handbag arsenal to double check the sizing of a garment.

Don’t let the bargain seduce you: This goes for both retail and market/thrift shopping. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of a bargain but if the item doesn’t add value to your wardrobe/home/life and align with your style then it’s just dead weight.

Don’t fool yourself: If you know your way around a sewing machine I salute you. Have a tailor on speed dial? Fantastic. I, however, have neither of these things. What I do have is quite the collection of ‘not quite right’ impulse buy items that have unfortunately remained that way. Not so thrifty. So if it needs any major adjustments then nope, it’s not coming home with me.

 Do leave alone sometimes: Shopping at the markets/thrift stores is truly a treasure hunt and part of the whole fun is in that search. So, if you don’t find something that you truly love or adds value, it’s all good! You had fun! And guess what? You have an excuse to do it all again.

Happy thrifting treasure hunters!

T xo


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